corddigital A milestone with Testat , Another successful story
A milestone with Testat

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan said, But imagine when you have a well talented team that can work together to reach a certain goal, This's exactly what usually happen with our partners, Today we've achieved a great milestone with Testat App - a brandnew educational mobile app - The journey with Testat App started early time in 2022 through a lot of studies and research to prepare the launching of the fresh brand to the Egyptian market, knowing that the benchmark was full of great competitors and well-known brands on the same field, but Cord Digital research team was ready to go above the standard expectations of all the indicated kpis, which is considered the seed of a great success story, today Testat App website appeard in the first page of google search using some challengable keywords, in a very short period after launching, side by side with a well studied marketing campaigns that made the difference  in the brand business's path, As usual Cord Digital shows it's cababilities in using the digital advertising tools, and winning the marketing game, to mark another successful story and continue this  fruitful journey with our valuable partners.



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