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Many people do not know the difference between e-marketing and traditional marketing, and they are not aware of the tools and techniques of each of them and how they can be used, so we offer you in this article a simplified explanation of the comparison between e-marketing and traditional marketing.

E-marketing agencies in Egypt has the interest and approval of projects, companies and services in e-marketing and media and advertising campaigns. On the other hand, studies confirmed that traditional or (ordinary) marketing - followed in most Arab countries - and its cost, do not provide the same performance or return appropriate to the needs and requirements of the times and the public, which continues to change and develop with the emergence of new forms and patterns in the means and media theories.

3- E-marketing and traditional marketing

Comparisons between e-marketing and traditional marketing:

Communication: Communication in e-marketing is accurate and easier as a result of employing information technology and its tools and permanent and continuous communication, such as sending messages and following up on customers at E-marketing agencies in Egypt . As for traditional marketing, communication through it is somewhat difficult because it is specific to time and place.
Segment size: The number of customers in the electronic network is very large because marketing is local and global, while traditional marketing serves a specific segment of customers or people.
Inspecting the products: There is a crisis in doing the product inspection because it depends on doing the image display, and getting a sample is somewhat difficult compared to traditional marketing. It is much easier to inspect the product and get a sample.
Follow up on feedback at E-marketing company in Egypt: It is possible to follow up on customers’ responses and questions through social pages or websites directly in e-marketing, while traditional ones are difficult to follow.
Data collection at E-marketing company in Egypt: E-marketing interacts with customers and facilitates the process of collecting customer or visitor data and their interests in the product. Traditional marketing is a difficult and more stressful task.
Follow-up orders at E-marketing agency in Egypt: E-marketing enables the customer to order the product at any time and place through electronic tools (smartphone - computer), while traditional is relatively difficult.

2- E-marketing and traditional marketing

Among the most important results that have been reached by the best e-marketing companies:

E-marketing agencies in Egypt The companies have contributed to entering the international markets easily without difficulties, especially since the Internet is available to everyone.
The importance of e-marketing in customer service and its potential to provide huge information about the commodity via the Internet.
The use of the Internet causes a huge range of costs to be reduced, such as the costs of distribution, storage and promotion, and this will lead to a reduction in price compared to the price in the case of traditional marketing.
The possibility of reducing the price in e-marketing gives an important advantage in competition with companies that market traditionally.
Pricing is of great importance in e-marketing, although most companies do not clearly put the prices of their products on the network, but the companies that set their prices contribute to the recipient studying his budget.

1- E-marketing and traditional marketing
One of the most important reasons for consumers’ tendency to shop online is to reduce the time to search for goods and the presence of many alternatives available on the computer screen, as well as the possibility of obtaining the lowest price and this is what we saw through the survey of Internet users in America, as the highest percentage of motives for buying through the Internet is prices drop.
The need to carry out electronic marketing to reach consumers on the network, that is, to enter the electronic market that is constantly increasing in size with the increase in the number of Internet subscribers, and their confidence and conviction of the benefit achieved by purchasing through it increases.
Ease of sending promotional offers for specific occasions or product filter offers.
E-marketing contributes to keeping your customers permanently informed of your services and products.

This comparison between e-marketing and traditional marketing clarifies the usefulness and importance of e-marketing for companies, websites and product owners, and with the advancement of technology, we see that e-marketing plays an important role in the corporate economy. Local trade to global trade to make your products conquer all countries of the world.

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