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The importance of Content marketing

The importance of content marketing


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Content marketing appears in 1980, By Mishlan corporation that a car industry. They provide a new type of marketing tips and advice which is known as inbound marketing. They created a guidebook that includes the appropriate speed to keep the car tires safe to last for a longer time. Since that book, many companies changed their strategies in marketing to do the same for their industry.

For instance: Marlboro created an advertising campaign for cigarettes by linking the product with a cowboy character.

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Customers and consumers’ changing culture


Companies always use advertising sentences like; The least price, The fastest time, the highest quality, and so on. They use phrases like those to attract consumers and encourage them to buy which most of the time doesn’t work well.

When consumers respond to such sentences they discover the big lie; It’s not the highest quality ever, it’s not an effective cost, and It’s not really on time. That creates a gap between expectations and reality is false calls like this.

So, Instead of just saying sentences, They are changing selling products and services starting with setting a clear objective for your business, create high qualified content, and make a competitive edge for themselves to see why consumers would buy from them and not from other competitors.


Content Marketing for websites


Website content is rated as the most challenging sort of content especially in e-commerce because you have to think about how to advertise the product and differentiate features.

Your content has to be different, original, and unique. No copy-paste is allowed so that you could grow your business up and rank on the first page of search results.

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