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One of the most important features of PPC advertising and e-marketing in general is the huge ability to measure results. For example, if you run an advertising campaign that targets sales directly, you can very easily identify the number and value of sales that were received directly because of this campaign, and this is available to all Huge advertising platforms.

How to create an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram
As you know that Facebook and Instagram are now under one cover, and with this, the advertising platform on Facebook, through which you can publish your ads on both sites, Facebook and Instagram, and in order to start, just search for Facebook Ads Manager within your Facebook account on the Google search engine and with this Your advertising account has been activated.

And if you are at an advanced stage in your work, you should combine many types of campaigns such as traffic and promoting your brand, i.e. publicizing it.


How to create an advertising campaign on Google Adwords

Google AdWords is Google's advertising platform, and through this platform, you can do two basic types of ads, namely Search Network and Displacement, both of which can achieve any of the marketing goals that we mentioned previously, in addition to advertising campaigns on YouTube, whether textual or online. Advertising videos.

And to get started, just open your Google Ads account and then you can start creating your advertising campaigns

Google ads have an unparalleled advantage, which is that you can reach the customer who is looking for your product at the time of his search, and this is an unparalleled advantage that no other advertising platform can provide. However, it is relatively expensive and somewhat complicated to manage.


Search Engine Marketing SEM
It is to reach your target customers when they search for your services or products, and it is divided into two parts. The first part is the paid part, which is what we have previously talked about, Google Adwords, and the other part is the natural prominence in search engine results, which is what is known as SEO.

First, if you do all of the above correctly and with a clear strategy, your website or online store will appear naturally in front of your target customers when they do their search, as search engines consider the results of all of the above as a vote for this website or online store.


But let's divide SEO here into two main parts:

On-page settings
And it is smoothly to make sure that the target keywords exist within the natural context of the page content, while making sure that the most prominent keyword is present in the page title and page link.

Off-page settings
And it is for others to talk about you, that is, for other sites or individuals to talk about your site, and this is done if one of the other sites adds a Do-follow link to your site or a number of individuals comment or like sharing one of the publications with a link from your site on the media Social Media

And in order to start implementing SEO, do the following steps:

Define your target keywords
Search for your site's ranking in these tags
Identify the competitors who appear higher in those words
Never publish content on your site that contains the correct target words
Start promoting these pages using the e-marketing tactics we've outlined
Analyze and see results

The importance of e-marketing and e-commerce


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