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WordPress is the CMS (Content Management System) most used by people who are starting their lives as web developers. Due to the ease of use of functions. But to create a professional website, even in WordPress,  should devote and study deepest functions. Here is some advice about the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress.

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1-     Simple Interface:

During the test phase of WordPress, its interface was very confusing and complex. But over time, it has become highly intuitive, so anyone, even if you do not understand web programming, can use it.

2-     Theme:

Using WordPress you can use layouts in the way that you find most convincing. You can simply grab a picture or photo online, download and resize it any way you want.

3-     Free and Open Source:

For both professional and amateur developers, WordPress is free and OpenSource, which means that any user can use the source code as they see fit.

4-     Friendly for SEO:

This has some features to facilitate SEO, for example, custom tags Meta Tags for all pages, setting up friendly URLs, redirects that happen automatically with the change of some URL, besides plugins that facilitate the management of redirects.

But like any other product, it has some disadvantages like:            

1-     Security:

Know that WordPress will be in the sights of hackers from the beginning. As it is very popular, hackers of the most varied types build daily invasion tools to try to hack WordPress sites.

2-     Updates:

Making your WordPress updated is still difficult and complicated. If you have a good number of plugins on your site you are likely to have to do at least one update per week. When it comes to WordPress, you need to manage your site daily, always keeping it up to date.

So while using WordPress with all these features and benefits, be careful and forget to stay current every day, just like your website.

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