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Now, all social marketers are focusing on traditional social networks like Facebook & LinkedIn. However, it is undeniable, that if you want to a complete 360 revamping to your online presence & SEO you should put google plus as a priority as well, why? Because it has the maximum power to boost your SEO & affect, your web site ranks in the search engine very strongly.

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As an E-Marketing manager you shouldn’t neglect the power of backlinks coming from google+ shares & posts, we all know that google calculate the weight of every link according to the web site it resides in, how heavy do you think the backlinks on google+ is calculated, moreover, they are unexpectedly fast-growing & viral More on E-marketing agencies in Egypt.

When a user clicks on the +1 button on your web page, you will gain instantly get a permanent backlink published permanently on to the profile page of the client, which in many cases is PR7+. Through this tactic, your backlinks score will be amplified & you gain a higher listing on Google's organic search results for your web site, which is the main score for any e-marketer

The integration between Google products is very smart & flawless so once you use one product like google+ you will get the impact on all the other products: Search Engine, YouTube, Google Business…etc.

Also in google+, you can join premium google circles where you will be flooded with followers that can share your posts & links and generate more leads to your business.

Of course, you do not need to be reminded of branding your account with professional company imagery, logo, and data, this is crucial to your business

Is this a big Catch or not?... Tell me your opinion

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