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There are so many functions in digital marketing that sometimes we can be confused with some technical words used. Two terms used in this field are SEO and SEM. But what is the meaning of these acronyms?

If you want to understand what SEO and SEM are and find out what the differences are between terms, here's a good explanation on these terms, just follow Digital Marketing company 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

A term to relational the practice of optimization of a website to shows in the bests positions on the research websites. that mean results that appear natural and that are not paid.

SEO can be divided into On-Page and Off-Page. The On-page items refer to actions taken on the page you are trying to promote. These optimizations involve ensuring that the backend (website programming, URL, load time, etc.) is as appropriate as the front-end (code semantics, tags, meta tags, usability, accessibility, etc.).

Off-Page Activities, also known as Link Building, are those held outside your site. The main actions of this subdivision are the optimization of the link portfolio, creation of content (textual information, infographics, videos, etc.) and management of relationships with partner sites.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

SEM is a broader term than SEO because it encompasses both organic search results and paid traffic sources. All strategies that seek to increase the visibility of the website in search engines are SEM actions.

Many people who are starting up in the Digital Marketing area, and even some more experienced users, confuse the term SEM with PPC (Pay Per Click) activities in Google (Google Adwords) and Bing / Yahoo (Bing Ads). These activities are part of the mix of actions to be developed within the SEM


In the long run, the work done in SEO helps the company to remain in privileged positions in the ranking of search engines, with relatively smaller investments. The decision of what to choose will depend on the budget - it is best to ally Sponsored Links and SEO, to get results in the short and long term, just follow Media agency in Egypt

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