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Facebook is going to activate new more ways to help content creators earn revenue.


The latest updates to Facebook’s video monetization options are:

  • Earning revenue from short videos.
  • Eligibility to more content creators.
  • Earning money through viewing becomes easier.


Earning money from videos is available now to Pages that met a certain set of criteria.


New updates for Eligibility:

Pages will be able to gain profit through ads in the videos after updates to Facebook’s eligibility criteria.


Facebook is updating some requirements now like: In-stream, Live, and Gaming.


In-Stream Ad Eligibility:


When you’re watching a video, you’ll find ads either before or during a video which is called “in-Stream”.


Facebook Pages must have these upcoming points to run in-stream ads:


- 600,000 total minutes viewed from video uploads, live streams, recordings of live streams in the last 60 days.


- Pages must contain 5 or more active video uploads and should follow Monetization Policies.


Before, we found that eligibility requirements are available only for regular video uploads over three minutes but now it’s available for short video uploads, live streams, and recordings of live video.


In-Stream ads started to be available to pages with at least 10,000 followers but it’s not available to personal profiles.


How to Earn Money From More Types of Videos?

Pages can now earn money from one-minute videos, which gives you the option to play a 30-second ad, but previously only 3-minute videos could be monetized.

Videos exceeding 3 minutes express mid-roll ads, which begins while the video is playing instead of starting before the video.

Mid-roll ads can now be shown after 45 seconds into the video, which shows an update from the previous checkpoint.

Live Stream Ad Eligibility:


To monetize live streams you should follow Facebook eligibility requirements for Pages and the 60,000 live minutes viewed in the last 60 days.


With that in mind, Facebook declares that watch time for recordings of live streams won’t count toward meeting these eligibility criteria.


How to Earn Money Directly From Viewers?


If your Page has the ability to run ads in live streams, you’ll be able to earn money through “Stars”.

“Stars” is a form of digital currency users buy with real money and send to creators as a reward for their content. Creators will then earn money from the Stars they receive during a stream.

Facebook provides eligibility for Stars to 15 more countries and testing the ability for creators to earn Stars from non-live videos will start over the upcoming weeks. 

Content creators can check whether their Pages are fit for any of these monetization programs in Creator Studio, they can go through the programs in Creator Studio too.

Facebook will review all applications and start accepting more Pages gradually, but it should meet its new criteria.

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