corddigital The success of Cord Digital Company with Panasonic Corporation
Cooperating with Panasonic Corporation

It is a subsidiary of the Japanese mother company Panasonic and its headquarters in the Middle East and Africa is its main location in Dubai.

Panasonic has proven itself as one of the most trusted brands that own a range of products that have been admired by its customers all over the world.

With its ever-growing innovation, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa are taking great strides towards providing value-added features to the lives and business of regional customers through its locally appropriate offerings, which include a wide range of consumer electronics، Misr Helwan Corporation is the official franchisee of Panasonic in Egypt 

misr hilwan
Hence, cooperation has been made with Cord Digital to be responsible for the social media pages for Panasonic company in Egypt. In addition, cooperation was made through the work of the company's Graphics and Videos, in which the Graphics and Videos department of the company made a huge effort, which won the admiration of all and praised the results and quality.


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