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Cooperating with Premedion

We know at Cord Digital that building strategic relationships with customers is the basis of progress and success, believing that customer satisfaction and earning his trust is the cornerstone of the success of our company, and this is according to what we got through our experience of working and fruitful cooperation with the Premedion Spa and Prevention at the Hilton Kings Ranch hotel and Alexandria Egypt.

The success index was launched in 2016 after our company managed the marketing plan, worked on the center's digital marketing, and managed advertising campaigns and social media platforms after going through two main stages, mainly:

  • Target audience analysis. 
  • Analyze competitors and their social media channels.
  •  Planning and implementing marketing campaigns for brand awareness and promotions. 

As a result, we were able to make a huge leap in achieving the goals of the marketing plan by creating brand awareness in Egypt and creating new markets for Premedion and new target customers.

Believing in our belief that "in order to be superior, you must be creative", we have taken care of all the innovative and creative graphic designs that accompanied the advertising campaigns, banners, and flyer designs for the events and activities of the center, which contributed to the success of the brand, and from which it guaranteed its customers' loyalty to them always in the long run.

We considered Premedion Spa & Prevention as a strategic partner and we are proud of the tremendous results that Premedion gained through working with Cord Digital as we gained many customers in similar fields according to the good reputation and huge results we achieved from working with Premedion.


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