corddigital Cord co-operation with Ministry of Culture and Egypt's Libraries
Cooperation with the Ministry of Culture

Within the framework of the Egyptian government’s endeavor to link all government agencies, departments and interests with technology and enter the online world, The Egyptian Ministry of Culture chose our agency to design and develop a website for the Public Libraries Fund of Egypt.

The website includes more than 20 branches including activities, events, holdings, divisions, and staff for each branch in the Egyptian Government. 

About Misr Public Libraries Fund

Misr Public Libraries Fund was established in accordance with the presidential decree issued in February 2006 with the aim of providing support to Misr public libraries until its mission in spreading cultural awareness among citizens has been achieved, and its actual activity began in March 2007, after completing the necessary financial and administrative procedures.



For its part, Cord Digital has designed a website programmed by Native Code " Laravel " in a very wonderful and organized way for the huge amount of data and content of the fund in order to facilitate the visitor to browse the site and browse the activities and activities of each branch separately and see pictures and videos of those activities.


Cord Digital