corddigital The success of Cord Digital with Ministry of Petroleum and Gastec
Cooperation with Ministry of Petroleum

Within the framework of the ministries ’directives in the recent period to permanently communicate with the public and facilitate the idea of communicating with all audiences

The Ministry of Petroleum has created pages on social media through  Cord Digital, the leading company in the field of digital marketing.

The teamwork of the company presented its work with a high degree of efficiency and quality.

The cooperation between the Ministry and Cord Digital has been strengthened through the company, Gastec, the partner of the Italian company Eni Gas


It is worth noting that the Italian company Eni Gas is the largest Oil & Gas Company in the world.

For the staff of Cord Digital to accomplish a new challenge with the highest levels of efficiency and quality, so that Cord Digital is the first responsible for all the work of Social Media in the Ministry.

We always hope for lasting cooperation

Success achieved with New You Medical Center


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