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What is advertising?

      Advertising is a form of communication that seeks to increase the consumption of a product or service, insert a new brand or product in the consumer market, improve the image of a brand or repositioning a product or brand in the mind of the consumers. Advertising is not negative. It helps the consumer's decision when buying a product. Of course, this is only another opinion about this topic. 

      Marketing strategies determine: why, what, how, where, when and who these answers should arrive clearly. The marketing strategies try to create a link between the buyer and the object, in advertising agencies in Egypt, making the user affirm that he needs your product. Everyone wonders why advertising exists, is a simple answer, improve the ability to choose, simplifies the purchasing process, stimulate business innovation. 


Steps to enter the world of Advertising with Cord Digital best advertising marketing company in Egypt

      In Egypt, Cord Digital one of the best advertising agencies in Egypt know that the best steps to enter the world of marketing and advertising is: 1.) Product idea;  2.-) Community, 3.-) Search optimization; 4.-) Social Media; 5.-)Team, 6.-) Business deal; 7.-) Mobile marketing; 8.-) Effective strategy; 9.-) Rapid Growth. Advertising  allows choosing between two equal objects, choosing through emotions or simple efficiency.

    There are different forms of advertising, such as television ads, banners on Internet sites, advertising posters and other more subtle forms, such as actors, actresses and singers who use these products in their music videos or movies. Cord Digital is an advertising company in Egypt that offer all you need in this world, We believe in your projects, the rest in our hands.


We live with advertising. Now work with Cord Digital, the best advertising marketing company in Egypt

        In our day to day we see thousands of ads, they are everywhere: posters, television, radio, internet, all of them are dedicated to sell their products or recommend the best stores. We live with advertising. The appearance of brands, advertising communication, digital marketing and other marketing elements allow us to distinguish the products and choose them, with a greater knowledge of their composition, functionality and attributes.

        Cord Digital, the best advertising agency in Egypt, consider that if the product pleases people, it is easy to recognize it again in the store and choose it next time. Online marketing is also based on this principle, closer links between products (brands) and their potential or real audience.

     All this makes the product or brand be named in the networks and in the news, achieving fame and recognition among the masses.  

      Some marketing and advertising agencies in Egypt said that: Advertising is directed to emotions and affections. Therefore, it offers stimulating images, positive messages, beauty, satisfaction and happiness, all associated with the advertised products. Whoever identifies with these concepts and recognizes them, will want to try to enjoy that brand. And, if you like it, you will become a loyal customer.

Attention, Interest, Desire and Action:  

These are the 4 steps for an advertising campaign to be successful with Cord Digital.

   Marketing advertising agencies in Egypt consider that, it wouldn’t guarantee the purchase. But in any campaign, in the first place, it would be necessary to attract attention, then to awaken interest in the offer, then the desire for acquisition and, finally, exhort the reaction, or offer the possibility of reacting to the message, deriving, generally, in the purchase. Cord Digital have the 4 basic steps for an advertising campaign to be successful: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, plus another one, responsibility. Advertising company Cord Digital offer the best service of advertising at this time.

Why Cord Digital in the World of Advertising and Marketing?

     Because we are an advertising agency that challenges all the rules and things that happens in this market. We are different compared with the rest of the advertising agencies in Egypt. We follow the keys and steps for an advertising campaign to be successful, we apply the marketing strategies that determine the best way for your ideas to arrive to the user: why, what, how, where, when and who your idea or message should arrive and this aspect is the most important key in any advertising plan that you take. 


Remember the steps to enter the world of advertising with the best advertising marketing company in Egypt, Cord Digital


I.-) Product Idea: the idea of the products needs to be clear and specific so that it determines its own and solid concept.

II.) Community: the Community to whom the product is directed must be specific so that it is consumption is constant repetitive and generates  a radical solution.

III.) Search Optimization: Optimization goes together with make the product visible and reachable in the online research, creating a perception of progress that must be consolidated. 

IV.-) Social Media: media and social networks are essential for advertising and promoting products.

V.-)Team: A team where several members with an innovative mind are necessary for the execution of your project or idea in mind, where several fulfill a specific function for the invoice for your project.

VI.-) Business deal: The deals, agreements, determination of clauses and competencies of each one in a clear and specific way, determine a good teamwork that determines an influencer of the success of the product. Interpersonal relationships are an essential point in this step or aspect.

VII.-) Mobile marketing: the use of mobile phones for mobile marketing through the use of their applications each requires being  requirement in this world for effective communication and clarifying ideas about it in a simpler way.

VIII.-) Effective Strategy: an Effective Strategy determines the win-win of all so that the product has a greater consumption and is liked by the community

IX.-)  Rapid Growth: this depends on how effective is the solution that the product provides for the community and that it is consumption is repetitive, you have to fall in love with the problem and not with the product itself

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