corddigital Definition of the different between Blueprinting & Flowcharting

How do we distinguish between Blueprinting and Flowcharting in a service context?

. Blueprinting is a key tool used for documenting and redesigning existing service processes and for designing new ones.

- Blueprinting is about What the customer can see and use to assess service quality and overcome the barriers of its service.

- Furthermore, Line of visibility is a key characteristic of service Blueprinting that distinguishes between What customers experience "front stage" and the activities of employees and "backstage" Where customers can't see them.

- Blueprinting gives managers the chance to identify potential fails points in the process. Fail points are Where the risk of things going wrong. resulting in diminished service quality.

. On the other hand, a flowcharting is a technique for displaying the nature and sequence of the different steps involved when a customer "flows" through the service process.


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