corddigital Cord Digital success achieved with New You Medical Center
  Cooperation with New You Medical Center

Success achieved with New You Medical Center

 Cord Digital success achieved with New You Medical Center 

The success story of "New You" clinics and beauty center started with the first medical center in the world of plastic surgery and obesity treatment in the Middle East. With Cord Digital for e-marketing at the beginning of 2019 after Dr. Prof. Ayed Al-Qahtani, Consultant Obesity and Laparoscopic Surgery King Saud University and King Fahd Medical City and Mrs. Nesma Mustafa ~ GM of the Center communicated with Cord Digital and agreed to hold a meeting to discuss setting a digital marketing plan for the center all clinics and benefit from the expertise and efficiency of Cord Digital team.

After a completing the analysis by the Cord Digital team for all aspects of the digital marketing plan that was put in place during the year 2019, Cord team presented a new marketing offer that includes amendments to the old plan and also some updates and new technology work mechanisms and the development of all advertising campaigns for 2019: 2020 After going through several important and essential steps ... the most important of them:

A complete analysis of all competitors in the world of cosmetology and obesity treatment.
Analyzing all previous ad campaigns and find out how each one will work.
Analysis of the designs and the clinic's website.
Analyzing the social media pages of the clinics.
Analyzing the medical services provided by the center.
Analyzing the personality patterns of the targeted clients of the medical center, etc.

Once the meeting between the two companies was completed, they had agreed to start work from March 2019.
And with the passage of a very short time, the fruits of business efforts began to appear to both parties and to see the brand rise on correct foundations after replacing the old plan to rebuilding the website, working in social media and Google ads with creating landing page per each clinic they have.

Regarding SEO, New You had a bad experience with another company for one year, because of the company worked black hat SEO.
When we started, We redeemed the problems of the black hat SEO that existed before our working. 
We have achieved an amazing result, rank, and conversion.

Now after a year and more of the continuous success between the two parties .. Cord Digital is proud of New You Beauty Center and Clinics as it is a success partner that is happy with the cooperation and constant communication between them.


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