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How to start in Social Media in 9 steps ?

People always ask; I’m able to work on social media, but I don’t know how to start?

It’s a tricky question as social media has many elements and fields we’ll talk about later. This article is for those who are passionate about social media marketing or social media promotion by doing what would enhance your talent and discover new trends in your industry. 

In the next steps, you have to act like you’re on a diet, you won’t commit to a healthy lifestyle, but you will have a marketing lifestyle. 

1- Self-Study:


If you don’t have enough time, money, energy to learn new skills or it’s too far from your home or don’t have trusted connections to engage within your field, there are many other ways to do it online.


Its slogan says; learn anything, anytime, anywhere.

Through Udemy, you will learn from the greatest universities on the earth with certifications in any field of study.


It’s the greatest certified platform for online courses and self-study materials

There’s a digital marketing course from Illinois that will start next April until October with only 49$ monthly.

Start from here: Coursera


The third and most important one is Hubspot. It has a great experience in inbound marketing that covers lots of knowledge for beginners.

Courses are for free you will have to pass the test after finishing the course to be certified from Hubspot.

Start from here: Hubspot

Also, you could take the test without finishing the course.

A study states that; 25% of employees in any company got fired because they lack the required skills and are not flexible to learn.

Another study states that; 46% of university students took at least one online course and that in 2019 half of classes will depend on e-learning.

2- Content Aggregators:

Don’t sleep before you gain new information every day.

Read, Listen, and discuss are the secret keys for learning.

The best solution for learning as much as you can is to use content aggregators.

Content aggregators are a magical reason to gather more information from many platforms. and Feedly are pretty good examples.

And you could also connect them to your e-mail to get notifications instantly.

3- Create an account on Google Plus:

Google plus is a content-based platform where all communities of any topic are. 

4- Error & trial:


Try to create something new and figure out what makes you creative.

Create a Facebook page for fun and entertainment and decide what could be done to go more viral with your idea

5- Read a lot:

Read online or offline and here are some recommendations: 

And those are online libraries: 

6- Think With Google:

Google has a platform called “Think With Google” It has many categories classified by industries, content types, Infographic, studies, articles, and social media campaigns. Those will help you have a clear to think creatively.

7- Watch YouTube videos:

Enhance your knowledge by watching e-learning videos that will improve your level of experience. 

8- Use Pinterest:

Infographics are the most useful way to gather information in the least possible time. You could search “Digital marketing- Facebook- twitter – social media” and keep everything that helps you improve your knowledge of social media marketing. Create different boards to classify and save your items so you could get back to them again.

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9- Don’t share your experience immediately:

There’re 3 stages of learning to be experienced enough to teach what you’ve learned.

1- Know-what: It’s the basic knowledge of any topic that gives you some information from the surface and doesn’t go deep.

2- Know-How: The middle level of experience where you’re knowledgeable but not an expert.

3- Know-Why: The top level of experience where you know every little detail of your field and become ready to share it with others and transfer your best practices to them from the best Online marketing agencies in Egypt Cord.


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