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Whether you sell your own brand or your import other brands for your business, this article will provide you the most benefits.

In brief private label products or services are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand.

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Key benefit 1: to become the owner of a high brand product that was manufactured by a highly recognized company in the international market that will add great value to your product.

Key Benefit 2: Cutting off the learning curve & product development cycle with all its costs & risks to a complete high standard ready product.

Key Benefit 3: Gain competitive market credibility by adding the manufacturing company to your product brand as well as the country of manufacturing.

Key Benefit 4: The COST, if you want (quality, credibility, brand recognition, customer loyalty…etc.) you probably will pay a handsome price to the company that owns the brand, but with private label you only pay for the basics expenses of Manufacturing, Transportation and local customs, which you will pay anyway if you are importing a brand product from the global market.

Key Benefit 5: Product Price, reducing the cost & maintaining high-quality standards of the international brands will be reflected in the product price in a very effective way, that lets you offer your product at a very competitive price.

Key Benefit 6: you have total control over the product’s specifications, your brand name, logo, and information. you control production, pricing, packaging, and distribution.

Key Benefit 7: Your private label product reaches you exclusively. You are the only seller for the product and you control distribution. Actually this enriches brand loyalty since customers would come to find the product in one place, and you can sell your brand to other distributors.

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Why private label through Cord Digital?

Through CORD Digital Strategic Networks in Italy, CORD Digital can give you a high authority when addressing a high industrial Companies in Italy, moreover collaboratively with ESMO & STUDIO LEGALE OCCHIPINTI,CORD Digital supports you in:

  • Providing premium Italian manufacturers.
  • Overcome the obstacle of paperwork, and authorizations from the Italian government; in order to run a production line from Italy  
  • All the legal documents for you that give the complete authority & ownership of your new brand, as long as contracting details with the manufacturing company.

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