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  The difference between the graphic designer and web designer

The difference between the graphic designer and web designer

There is a huge difference in the work of graphic design and the web designer and in the way they both participate in the development of the project.


Graphic designers:

The graphic designer will usually develop a project thinking about what will be printed. In addition to the greater freedom to create your pieces, this professional can create different formats than traditional, use colors, choose paper type, print without worrying about the final file size or programming. This means that if you cherish freedom of creation and do not like code and programming very much, that might be the best option.


The web designer:

This professional needs to think graphically, but also understand programming. That is, during the development of the project you will always have to consider the layout of the site with the layout, considering the best navigation experience possible.


His advantage over the graphic designer is that errors are easier to fix. While something that has been printed can no longer be edited, in the digital environment just replace a file on the server and the error is fixed. In other words, the web designer is, in addition to a designer, a site developer. So, if you like the internet and want to learn how to create websites, tinkering with codes and thinking about the usability applied to the jobs you do, that profession is perfect.


The graphic designer and the web designer have completely different jobs, although both use basic design principles such as flexible, simple, intuitive use and noticeable information. The two professions have their different limitations and requirements, although they require professionals to have in-depth knowledge of concepts and tools.