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Google runs out 2 improvements to Search Console to make reports more helpful for site owners

 Google search console receives 2 new features to reach more efficiency of analyzing data in reports

Site owners use Search Console to filter data using (regex) which means: regular expression the same as using a revamped comparison mode which supports more than one metric

The new features and how they contribute to assisting with data analysis in Search Console


Search Console reports support regex, which helps in  creating more queries and filters

Google shows how regex support allows site owners to use more query data

“For instance, let’s say your company is called ‘cats and dogs’ but is sometimes also abbreviated as ‘cats & dogs’ or even ‘c&d’. You can use a regex filter to capture all of your branded queries by defining the regex filter: cats and dogs|cats & dogs|c&d.”


Google Search Console didn’t support any complex cases before, It only allows site owners to filter queries and page URLs by 3 patterns: containing a string, not containing a string, and matching a string.


To use the new regex filter, create a query or page filter, then select “dropdown menu” and finally select “Custom.

New update to Search Console’s performance report help page notes the following about how to use regex filters:

  • Search Console defaults to partial matching, meaning the ordinary expression matches anywhere in the target string unless it contains the characters ^ or $ to require matching from the start or end of the string.
  • Reports default to case-sensitive matching means that Site owners can use “(?i)” at the beginning of regular expression strings for case-insensitive matches. As an example: (?i)https

Finally, Google notes queries and pages aren't available at times in order to protect user privacy or due to storage limitations. Here Google will show a reminder when a filter is applied on queries or pages.


Revamped Comparison Mode

Site owners use the comparison mode in Search Console for answering comparison based questions. till now, the table won't contain a comparison column with a difference in percentage and this if more than one metric was selected.

The revamped comparison mode used in cases when more than one metric is selected. You can view results side-by-side by the interface which doubles the area available for the data table.

Search Console’s revamped comparison mode also supports the new regex filter used for queries and pages as well.


Comparison mode now allows more than one metric to be compared, only one filter at a time can be applied to those metrics, also adding a new comparison filter replaces the existing comparison.

Finally, we'd like to declare that these updates to Search Console are now available to all site owners.

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