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When thinking about web development and programming we can not imagine how many possibilities there are in this area and how many functions there are in this programming world.

 So to get to know some of the areas that are active both in programming and web development, we will explain in a simplified way to you that you want to join this growing market.


What is a web developer:

Is the professional that works developing websites and systems for the internet. It is responsible for production and maintenance, as well as ensuring that the site or system functions properly by performing all functions. So, this profession splits itself into segmentations so that the professional can work with the famous Front-end and Back-end.



The front-end web developer is the professionals responsible for designing and building the user interface in a web project. It takes care of the graphical interface of a system or website. It is created in front-end development everything you see on a website (the so-called client-side). So the work of this professional mainly involves HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as indispensable knowledge.

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The professionals working with applications doing codes that only the server will understand are the back-end developers. The back end is concerned with ensuring that the correct data is sent to the browser. The languages that the server understands are known as server-language, so in the back-end world, we have numerous programming languages like Java, C #, Ruby, Python, PHP, ASP, and many others.

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Of course, nothing prevents a developer from working in both areas, so the term full-stack refers to that professional who deals with both the back-end and the front-end.


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