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As we know that Social media is about people and communication; however, for business, it’s a key channel for achieving commercial goals. At CORD Digital, we combine data and human elements to deliver digital marketing campaigns on Twitter that are more relevant to the audience while achieving commercial goals.


Twitter has been the second most used social media network for digital marketing campaigns and other activities in the Arab world region.

In the point of the fact, Twitter Ads are the perfect complement to organic content strategy in the Arab world region. The promoted, paid content you create in your campaigns will appear as Promoted Tweets and or Promoted Accounts — all exposed to a broad audience of your choice for increased exposure and visibility. 

First of all, you should decide what the main purpose of your campaign is?

After you decide what you want your campaign to achieve: raise awareness of a specific Tweet, attract new followers, send traffic to your website, or increase engagement.

Second of all select the Right Target Audience based on their age, gender, attitudes, interests, and sociograph.

In other words, Use targeting features to choose the audience you want to reach. Select geographic areas, the followers of a notable account, or target people's interests.

How much you bid?

Twitter Ads run in an auction. Decide how much you will pay for each interaction, such as a new follower or a click to your website. Or use automatic bidding, which determines the best bid cost based on your budget and goals.

What is a sufficient budget you need?

Indeed, there’s no minimum marketing campaign spend. Aim to select a daily budget for your ads. Consider starting with at least $30/day to consistently reach audiences throughout the day.

. Select the most "Creative Tweets" you want to focus on in your campaign. 

. Increase the target audience aware of your business:-

1- Promote your Tweets to maximize their reach. Pay for: Impressions (cost per 1,000 Tweet impressions)

2- Increase Tweet engagements: Put your content in front of the right audience who will likely start a conversation. Pay for: Tweet engagements (cost per engagement)

3- Increase your Followers numbers: Grow your followers on Twitter. Pay for: follows (cost per follow)

4- Promote your website and get more traffic. Pay for: link clicks and Website Card clicks (cost per click)

5- App install or re-engagement: Promote your app and get more downloads. Pay for: app installs, or app clicks and App Card clicks (cost per app click or cost per install)


With CORD Digital the best social media and digital marketing agency, It's easy to get started your campaign.


Formerly, Use Twitter highly-advanced targeting features to narrow in on the audience you want to reach. You can filter by demographic and audience features, including follower look-alikes targeting, event targeting, interest and conversation targeting, re-engager targeting, or create your own tailored audience list. 

Social media platforms have quickly become a significant part of marketing for businesses.

With so many social media platforms available, you’ve likely wondered which one’s the best for business marketing.

However, it's is up to you; there’s no single platform that’s best for all businesses. For example, it’s impossible to say that your business should choose Facebook over any other type of social media platform.

While Facebook has been extremely popular for brand promotion, it’s not necessarily right for every type of brand, and it’s not always right for every type of your clients.

Choosing the best social media platform for your business is considered as massive dailma...

Your best bet, when it comes to social media marketing approaches, is to choose the platform that’s the best fit for your brand.


This social media marketing strategy includes assessing and evaluating the social media platforms to see if your customer base is there, whether or not they’re engaging with brands, and if the platform fits the personality of your brand.

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