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How to Marketing for your New Products well | Cord Digital Company 

The marketing process:

The marketing process is not just for businessmen and company owners, however, every single person is involved in the marketing process for example in buying and selling or the recommending of a specific product to a friend or watching products and sharing its pictures or comparing the prices and the quality of the products.

And with the increase of the population, the need for products and services increased, so producers provided it in a huge way, this lead to excess products in the inventory and the need for marketing appear at this point to solve this problem.

Marketing is a group of activities that people use to make the process of
buying and selling easier and this to provide the products to people and getting rid of the excess.

This is a simple explanation of the steps you should take in the marketing process with Digital Marketing Services 


1. Market Analysis:

The organization should study the market and the needs and select the
targeted consumers with an E-marketing company in Egypt.

2. Target audience:

You must target your audience according to the people who are interested in your product or service and attract them using creative marketing methods and advertising strategies that will attract them.


3. Competitor analysis:

Know your competitors very well by knowing their strengths and weaknesses and their marketing strategies and then provide a competitive advantage that your competitors don’t have.

4. Product display:

In this step, you should know the way the consumers prefer to see and view the final product and you should display it in an attractive way to attract them to buy it.

5. Advertising:

This is a very important step in your marketing process, choose the advertising channels that will be useful for your products. Use online and offline advertising to reach a big number of interested people
in your products.

6. Marketing plan:

The marketing plan should be realistic to be applied in the real-life

7. Evaluation and monitoring:

The very important steps that some organizations ignore is evaluating and monitoring the feedbacks of the consumers and knowing the problems that faced them and resolving them.

New-product-marketing methods

In the end, although there are diverse ways of marketing, organizations now prefer digital marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook and also through SEO

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