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Many companies have a website. But not all of them appear in search results. That means losing potential customers that might buy through your website.

In the last decade, the Internet has become the easiest way to get information or search for products. Through searching with certain words on a search engine, the user can choose from so many results and explore websites to buy what is convenient for him.

The importance of publicity and SEO


1- Getting targeted audience

The importance of publicity and SEO is that to get a targeted customer who is searching for a specific item like some value-added information, or compare between similar products to know the best fit for him, or he already knows what he wants to buy. So, being at the top of the search results motivates your potential customer to take action on your website.

It’s important to set a plan for your potential customers that includes targeted and most searched keywords and set an estimated number of visitors.

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2- Branding:

Search Engine Optimization is the first step to create a brand name and image. It increases the trust of targeted customers over time. The more valuable your website content is, the stronger your brand becomes.

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3- Increasing sales


Once customers like your service, they’d buy or use it which means increased sales.

But bear in mind that; Customer won’t buy before he compares your products with other competitors and you should gain his trust first.

4- Increasing visits:

SEO increases your website visits with your targeted audience.

To get more visits, set targeted keywords, and estimate the number of visits.

Also, be sure to include a value-added content that your customers would learn from to strengthen your brand and publicity.

5- Decreasing costs:

As for SEO, It helps you get potential customers with the least possible cost instead of paying for advertising because paid ads depend on market competition which increases costs.

Paid ads are fast in getting interaction and potential customers more than Search Engine Optimization that takes months to get real results. But as long as those ads stop, the interaction decreases, unlike SEO.

6- Building trusted relationships with your customers


SEO works on making customer satisfaction in the first place. So, any devalued content that doesn’t satisfy customer needs to be replaced by value-added trusted content.

Ranking in the top of search results makes your customer trusts you especially when the content is highly valued. By the time, trusted customers start to think about buying your products or use your services and also recommend them to their services.

Publicity and SEO service will get you more potential customers while other companies don’t set their SEO their place and potential customer.

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