corddigital Moon Application From Ground Level To The Top
Moon Application From Ground Level To The Top

Moon Application is the first social business platform in the Middle East
that brings together the trader and the user in direct communication.

E-commerce is the most preferred way of trading goods and services. Today, more and more people prefer to buy articles through the internet and assisted technologies. 

Cord Digital plays a vital role with moon, and made effort on this application in terms of ads and writing content, and the team accomplished the maximum reach which in turn lead to the highest number of downloads.

Our marketing plan focused on two types of people: the trader and the user, and we reached a great number of traders from different fields in many regions in Oman.

We made a complimentary marketing plan:

- Content and designs on all the platforms of social media (Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-Instagram-Snapchat)
- Social media ads on all the platforms.
- Google ads (search-display-video-app promotion) 
- A series of videos on youtube named (3 with moon) 
- Search engine optimization.


Regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), We started with Moon Application from scratch with keywords in Oman until we ranked in 150 keywords to the top, and we focused on traders to use the application for growing their business and establish a fully saturated online present. The process of analyzing and selecting the keywords carefully resulted in high daily website traffic.  




And also for Google Ads, you want to promote your business, products and services while developing a positive reputation with your target audience, and that's what we did for Moon Application.

google ads

Our agency started with branding to increase the awareness about Moon application and its importance for all categories in Oman in their daily life, till the action process for making people download the app.

We are so glad to work on such an amazing e-commerce application as moon application.


Cord Digital