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Reddit has announced a new competitor to Clubhouse in a live discussion group by voice, a launch date wasn't announced but there’s fast moves towards inviting moderators to join a waitlist.



Clubhouse is a social media platform by voice, which differs from other impersonally communicating with strangers use text, Clubhouse offers more simple ways to discuss many issues by voice. It's limited to Apple devices and IOS users while Facebook and Reddit will highly likely be OS agnostic.

Worth Noting that Clubhouse faced current limitations.


Reddit Talk:

Reddit Talk is now under testing and when the tests are launched, moderators will be able to begin a talk.

After those tests succeeded in covering mistakes, Reddit will allow moderators to invite redditors to join participation.

Reddit’s announcement did not mention Windows devices, which means it is only a mobile product right now.


Reddit Talk introducing many ways to Communicate:

Talk system through Reddit Which hasn't been disclosed yet aims to use many ways that redditors will be able to communicate and share by using voice.


The Announcement says:

“We’re testing ways for hosts to customize the look and feel of Reddit Talk through emojis and background colors. Redditors can change their avatar’s appearance to fit the talk as well. We’re also exploring features to support AMAs and other types of conversations”.


Reddit Talk work:

Reddit Talks will be found inside individual communities and firstly only moderators can start a talk and redditors will join the “room” listening and participating using emojis, listeners also can raise a hand and will have the permission to speak by a moderator.

According to the announcement:

“…only mods can start talks during early tests, but they can invite trusted speakers to co-host a talk.”


Controlling Users Experience:

Reddit moderators control how to set boundaries and appropriate rules for each of the listening rooms, also they have the full ability and control to remove, mute and invite listeners to offer users best quality and improve their experience.

Moderators have full control to mute users who don't respect the rules or are problematic which reveals Reddit's intention to build in the ability for moderators to offer a high quality user experience.


“You can start talks for Q&As, AMAs, lectures, sports-radio-style discussions, community feedback sessions, or simply to give community members a place to hang out.”


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