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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

In simple words, SEO is the process where your website is prepared and well indexed in search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, etc.…  therefore it’s easier for internet users to find the information required by best pakage for Advertising company in Egypt .

Search Engine Optimization has a critical role in marketing strategies; it’s not like all other services where organizations run after their target audience, the power of SEO stands where your audience is already looking for your services. It grants you the power of being in the right place at the right time with the right audience.

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SEO is not a way of publishing your website or spreading it among the internet as many misunderstand, SEO is credibility assurance between your website and search engines. SEO makes sure that your services match your position, the more audience satisfied with their results the more credibility you gain from your website and from here you start increasing in rank.

There is always a war between people who illegally want to increase traffic and website rank VS. Search engines’ developers. Those people try to overcome the search engine mechanisms to obtain their own gain, neglecting users’ experience. On the other hand, search engines’ developers work harder to provide the user with the best searching trip and valuable experience. The user’s experience is all that matters as google says “if the user is happy, Google is happy, then the rank is up”

Developers' work never ends, they are always researching and updating to eliminate spam, virtual traffics, unauthorized or dishonest interactions and others of undesired methods of what is called black marketing. As a resulting for that search engines become more credible to users as you always go to them to find what you need, and not all the time you end up with positive results.

To stay credible and to maintain a good SEO for your website, you will need to be always updated with what’s new? What is legal? And what is illegal? Some tricks might get you there faster, but by the time you are discovered, you wouldn’t be happy with the consequences. Therefore it’s recommended to:

  • Keep track of search engines’ news and updates
  • Using the right keywords makes a different
  • Analyze your services/products and their relation with users’ experience
  • Maintain your website structure (Design, Content & Indexing)
  • Studying suitable SEO tools that will help your website
  • A hiring SEO consultant is always a benefit
  • Never stop evolving & updating
  • Search Engines & Directories submission

Let’s go through some frequently asked questions we hear nowadays.

What is the meaning of Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing traffic (number of visitors) to a specific website by bringing this website up in the list results in search engines upon the user’s request. In other words, strengthening your potentials to be there for users who are looking for your services/products.

How does SEO work?

SEO mission starts in two directions, and both are very essential along the trip.

  1. On-site Optimization (on-page optimization)
    On-page optimization is where you optimize your website to deliver the best users’ experience and ensure your website is well indexed by search engines through the following:
    • Proper selection of keywords
      Selecting the right keywords that would be probably used by your target audience and match your services or products.
    • Keywords injection
      Using selected keywords appropriately in tags, metadata, ALT text, headings and content within the concept of delivering a user experience to the user.
    • Clear and relative URLs
      Remember is always better than
    • Robots file creation
      this file is created in .txt form, and it determines which pages you allow Google to archive and which not.
    • HTML/XML sitemap creation
      HTML sitemap is useful for users’ experience, while XML deals with google spiders & robots.
    • Content is king
      the better the content, the longer users’ session on your website. Also, it’s recommended to social integration within the page’s interface.
    • Etc.…
      There are always new every day in SEO, so never stop and stay updated.
  2. Off-site Optimization (off-page optimization)
    off-page optimization can be described as the external web you build online through different channels, websites, blogs, directories and search engines leading back to your website. And that can be done by:
    • Link Building
      obtaining backlinks from high quality (high domain & page authority) websites; keeping in mind relativity and integration. For example, if your website is about sports, you don’t go to build links on the cosmetics page…
    • Social channels
      having company profiles at different social media channels helps you to track your audience, understanding their behaviour, and staying in touch with their requirements.
    • Blogs creation
      people like blogs, where they can interact and leave their impressions. Blogs can be on-site and off-site too.
    • Directory & Search Engines Submissions
      having your business identified by local and international directories and by search engines, helps your brand awareness to increase.
    • Etc.…

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What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

Search Engine Marketing is the process of increasing the website’s traffic through direct visibility from search engines by paid plans according to the marketing strategy applied. Or as Wikipedia defines SEM, Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.

How does SEM work?

SEM relies on paid marketing services, mainly PPC (pay per click), SMM (social media marketing) and advertisements. Such as Google Ads, where Google provides direct visibility for your Ads/Website via the keywords and criteria you decided. When someone clicks on your Ads it starts cutting from your budget with a percentage.

SEO vs. SEM?

Many users wonder, what is the difference between SEM and SEO?

Other than SEO is a component of SEM, search engine marketing contains other components as PSA (Paid Search Traffic) & SMM.

SEO & SEM aren’t enemies, even they are different terms & use different methodologies, but they work back to back. SEM without SEO wouldn’t give the expected results and SEO without SEM wouldn’t work as fast as you hope.

Why SEM Traffic is important?

SEM is seen as the most vital source of Internet traffic in the fact that it is working on real targeting. It is very common that people use search engines to find a response to an issue, an answer to their questions or a solution for a problem. Therefore, when you appear to those users in the search results you are more likely to achieve conversion. The same strategy applied in Facebook and other social platforms while they are still upgrading their advertising techniques and developing the targeting system to provide higher ROI hoping to catch up with the search engines.

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