Social Media Marketing

Social media is a part of digital marketing that is used for promoting brand awareness and increase conversion rate, in CORD Digital we strive to deliver the best Social media services with various new perspectives which suits different types of businesses.


Social Media Management

Social media isn’t just about being there in every social channel. It’s about quality not quantity; Even if it’s only one media channel which provides the customer with the opportunity to communicate and interact with the brand through real-time conversations, resulting in improving customer relationships, trust, and Brand Loyalty. This can be obtained by understanding your audience, building your customer persona, writing the suitable content, and keeping up with the updates and changes.


Online Advertising


No matter how great the content, it’s still ineffective for your business if no one can find it.


Promoting your content to extend the reach of your brand, builds your web online, creates engagement & interactions, and establishes authority and trust with search engines. From where you can benefit: Higher ROI Quality Traffic Faster conversion




Be there for your audience.
Get higher ranking in search engines..
Increase your global Brand awareness and obtain more revenue...

We understand your needs for SEO, therefore we make sure you are in the right place for your audience. With our team you will get to the results you are looking for.


Content Marketing


Content is the king… If visitors find the content is meaningful and useful, or find what they were looking for, this will occur positive impact to the searchers' experience, therefore to Google algorithms; according to several mechanisms that estimate the users’ experience to a website on different dimensions such as session time, content quality, interactions and even repetitive visits. From there you can guarantee increment in traffic which can lead to higher conversion.


Conversion Optimization

Conversations optimizations = more sales for more profit

Marketing strategy doesn’t stop at ranking high in SEO, or appearing in Social Media channels, it’s about the conversion rate and the returning benefit of the running campaigns. Successful marketing is about reaching the right target and providing the right service to the right audience using the right tone.


SMS Marketing & Email Marketing

In todays business , the successful companies should depend on different marketing tools , either traditional or digital , and one of the main important services , specially in some places is the direct marketing ,though sending bulks of sms and email to the current and potential customers.

One of the main objectives of direct marketing is to build lasting and strategic partnership between your company and your current and potential customers.

The sms and email services enable you to send the modifications and changeable actions on your companies as well as the recent offers and remind your current customers and potential customers of your main services and provide them your company updated information.

The sms and email services enable you to send to your customers and potential customers greetings in all occasion and celebrate with them in any good situation happened to your company or in your country.