SEO isn’t just getting the first rank at Google; it’s about your credibility to search engines & users, getting your position online according to needs & struggle of your potential customers. CORD Digital’s objective is to convert more qualified leads by allowing you to appear with your strongest peak to new potential customers. Our objective continues to improve your website’s indexing, structure, and content in addition to building external links leading to more traffic for the right audience. With non-stop testing and measurement, we make sure you are always advancing for higher revenue.

Our vision to your project

  • Getting you to higher ranks
  • Traffic growth to your website
  • ROI, through real conversions


Our Service


Internal Optimization


We will help you maximizing website optimization through our best SEO techniques, delivering rich & relevant content and smart website structure to provide simple surfing mechanism.

On-site Optimization

  • Keywords analysis
  • Competitive research
  • Content optimization
  • Structure optimization & Indexing
  • HTML/XML sitemap
  • Robots.txt

External Optimization


After studying your website and competitors, we will aim to increase your website traffic through link building with relevant websites

Off-site Optimization

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directories Submission
  • Link Building
  • Blog Creation
  • Articles Writing & Submission

Speed Optimization


Time obtaining information really matters to visitors’ experience and conversion process; therefore we will track and optimize your website functionality in order to reach its maximum speed.

And as one of Google's Quotes “happy user, happy google, higher ranking..."

Continuous Analysis


Checking your website performance daily and understanding your audience to ensure that CTAs are reachable and attractive to make sure the conversion is increasing daily.

Our work always continues to improve your approach and visibility among search engines and your competitors



Q. How search engine & directory submission will benefit my business?
A. Search engines and directories are the main traffic sources for every website out there. Google is the biggest search engine online that can pump up to 90% of most websites’ traffic, while Bing & Yahoo are the biggest competitors. Being there ensures you’re indexed in biggest online databases

Q. What is the use of Link Building?
A. Google nowadays pays attention to Authority, Credibility and Quality. Whenever websites with high assets of those dimensions refers to you, it adds big value to your side. Simply this flow of links from those websites to your website supports your brand trustworthy and credibility.

Q. Why Blogs?
A. People love blogs, it’s a place where they can interact with each other, evaluate the product/service provided, and to be a connection between the business and their customers. Blogging is one of the most important techniques to drive high traffic to your landing page.

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