Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The better the campaigns… The higher the conversion…

With a clear understanding of brand’s strength & core activities, we create effective campaigns that reach real engagement with the target audience, we do our best to get you to the position you desire among your audience & competitors. We seek to see your brand growing as well promoting your conversion rate with the social media strategies. Using the right tone with the right image, we ensure that our campaigns are integrated together & connected to related marketing techniques to come up with the best results.

The sun is not always shining, when it comes to interactions with social media. Some customers use social platforms to share their complaints and express their frustrations which might be a matter of opinion or individual acts, knowing that information go viral to the public in a matter of seconds on social platforms. Therefore, customer oriented, and highly skilled knowledge based personnel needs to rise and shine in such situations. This is what CORD Digital usually focuses on, when it comes to the recruitment & the selection process in order to provide you with our unique quality of services.

Our Service


Market Analysis & Evaluation

Before launching any campaign, we always penetrate the market by conducting accurate and full market research, identifying strengths and weaknesses of competitors, brand positioning, tone of voice, and studying your target audience and their culture. Then we start planning the strategy of the campaign, setting our expectations based on yours.

Social Monitoring


We use analytical tools in order to evaluate the customer behavior on social channels; setting accurate KPI's to track our progress and always stay ahead of your competitors.

We simply find out which sources send the most traffic to your website, and analyze the performance of your content in social media channels, including comments, mentions, likes, and the ratio of followers. We can validate design changes, test hypothesis, and improve your website's conversion rate by using A/B Testing.

Content Strategy


In this stage, we develop and maintain the posts and articles, highlighting the main purpose of the brand through storytelling, which is the key of content creation in the modern era that clearly promotes customer engagement. It’s obvious not all storytelling content will result in better engagement. Stories have to be interesting, adding value to the reader throughout the whole content, not just selling things. In addition to targeting the field’s influencers for higher quality links. All of this wouldn’t happen without understanding the reader's mentality, behaviors, becoming one of them before starting to communicate, and studying their journey throughout the buying process.

Page Management & Interactions


Interacting with the crowd on social media is the most critical stage. This is the voice of the brand speaking, the company's image is presenting itself with characters through posts and responses. Therefore, at CORD we are very careful when it comes to interactions with the audience, after defining the brand's tone of voice and studying our customers well. This builds customer relationship, trust, loyalty and more conversions at the end of the day.

Social Media Reporting


On monthly bases, you will get the needed insights that will help you to enhance and improve your visibility & conversion. You will receive reports upon the following:

  • Referrals
  • Mentions
  • Sentiments
  • Market share
  • Facebook Report (Reach/likes/Shares/engagements through content)
  • Twitter Report (Follows/Retweets)
  • YouTube Report (likes vs dislikes/shares/comments)
  • Instagram Report (top hashtags/likes/followers/comments)
  • LinkedIn Report (content performance/followers
  • Google + Report (page circulars/engagement/content performance)
  • Conversion ratio Report






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