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To develop the content you offer and develop its advertising campaigns. You have to be in charge of the relationship between the analysis of your data in terms of ratios of access , interaction and growth that will ensure that it depicts a microcosm of the status of your company on the Internet.


1- Tweet  reach :

The best tool to know the number of interactions with your tweets, Tweet Reach.

2-    Klout:

It’s one of the best tools to gather data from several social media platforms in one place. It will help you to publish content which your audience will like, Klout.

3- Social Mention:

The best tool to manage social media accounts in your company. As you can measure;

-    People’s impressions of your brand whether it’s positive or negative.

-     Accounts that always follow and interact with you.

-    The number of reach for each account to your audience.

-    Strengthen points over your competitors who have the same audience as yours, Social Mention.

4- Twazzup:

It’s an easy free tool to follow up with your Twitter insights. It helps you to know who follows and interacts with you most of the time, Twazzup.

5- How sociable:

It helps most people to follow up with their accounts and know averages of growth weekly and monthly to know which platform is performing better, How Sociable.

6- Sum All:

It helps small businesses to know their accounts’ insights and interactions. It provides a detailed report and dashboard you can easily use it


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