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How do you think the search engine optimization landscape will evolve in the future?

Although, the world of search engine optimization isn’t headed for extinction.  Instead, it will continue expanding and evolving. 

The world of search engine optimization evolves very rapidly. If you want your brand to stay relevant in the search results, you’ve got to keep adapting with the evolution of SEO and changing digital marketing climate by adapting your content marketing, web design, and your social media marketing with the progress of SEO processes.

1. Rank Brain

Rankbrain is Google’s name for a "machine-learning artificial intelligence system" or the ( AI program) that’s used to help process its search results, as was reported by Bloomberg and also confirmed to us by Google.

In the same context, RankBrain is a complicated method of processing search queries in a way that infers a “best fit” for queries that are unknown to Google.

It's worth mentioning that RankBrain has been called Google’s third most important ranking signal (behind content and links).

About 15 percent approximately of the queries Google processes every day are new – in other words, nobody has ever searched using these exact terms before.

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2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

After a period of time Google’s mobile-friendly update which highlighted websites with (Mobile Friendly) tags, Google has taken its next step in its goal of speeding up the mobile web with its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project.

In the same context, The project is an open-source, Google-led initiative which came from discussions between major digital publishers and technology firms about the need to improve the mobile web experience for the masses. With 40% of visitors abandoning a webpage if it hasn’t loaded within three seconds, (AMP) pages have been introduced to tackle the high abandonment rate and slow load times on mobile devices. Actually, The pages can load instantaneously, offering “lightning-fast reading experience for top stories”. In point of fact, (AMP) boasts a load speed of four times faster than an equivalent non-accelerated mobile page and use 10 times fewer data over 3G & 4G networks. That all sounds pretty impressive, but is there a catch?

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(AMP) framework help pages load so fast

Accelerated Mobile Pages are built just like any other HTML pages, but with a pre-determined set of technical functionality which is managed by the open-source (AMP) specification. This enables the pages to take full advantage of the (AMP) JavaScript Library, which will eventually control the entire load chain and prioritize certain elements and requests over others. Most third-party content (such as adverts) and elements below the fold are loaded after the main content arrives, allowing visitors to read content as soon as possible.

Moreover, (AMP) pages can be cached in the cloud to further reduce the time it takes to load the content for a visitor. By utilizing the AMP JavaScript Library, publishers allow their content to be cached by third parties, which allows publishers to control their content, but platforms can use the cache to deliver the page as quickly as possible to the visitor. Google has confirmed that they will provide a cache that can be used by anyone at no cost.

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 3. The Knowledge Graph & rich answers

Google’s Knowledge Graph isn’t a single set of information, but it is a rich collection of different types of information displayed differently to fit the user’s search needs. We’ve seen Google evolve over the years from wanting to be the best search engine, to being the perfect and ideal  answer engine, to being the source for the right answer for each query. To this end, their technology (including recent additions of A.I. and Rankbrain) and their interface have evolved.

The types of answers in the Knowledge Graph as a whole break down into several categories and features including:

(Biographies|Company Profiles|Common Knowledge|Instant Answers)

Indeed, SEOs have very little control over what goes into most of these categories, aside from making sure that a Wikipedia page exists for their companies. But the one area where a great deal of control exists is in Instant Answers.

4. Real-time, integrated penalty filters

A significant practical method for filter penalty reduction is described whereby a single, optimized digital pre-equalization filter is used to compensate the filtering effects of multiple concatenated WSSs.

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