corddigital The differences between the marketing of a product and service

The differences between the marketing for a product and the marketing for a service

To start a study in marketing or digital marketing, you should know the difference between product marketing and service marketing.

This article will define the difference between marketing for products and services and will include management tactics and performance measurement and some techniques to have your competitive edge in the market.

1-  you have to know that product marketing includes service marketing so If someone enters a restaurant, he will be waiting for two major things;

- Quality of food (Product).

- Perfect staff attitude and a good environment (Service).

2-  Product is the tangible element you could see, touch and try before you buy it while service is intangible that depends on honesty and trust.

People pay for the product to have it however they pay for service to have value. 

So, Product impact depends on materials quality while service impact depends on the added value.

Marketers should focus on customer perception of the product and try to provide the benefits of using specific services.

3- the Service marketing role is to promote the value of honesty and trust when using this service as it’s intangible and you should exceed customer’s expectations for the service.

4- People would like to know how a product would affect them when they buy it. You should connect with their emotions and desires like promoting a men's perfume saying that it will attract more females.

But in service marketing, you make customization which is starting where others ended and finding a need gap to fill it so that you have a competitive advantage and a unique selling point that drives customers to you.

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In digital marketing, it depends on:

- unique ideas and strong content whether it’s written, audio, or video.

- Target the right audience.

If the idea is unique and the content was excellent, but it goes for the wrong audience who are not interested in your business, only 2% or 3% will react to your posts from 1000 reached people.

In Cord Digital, We guarantee you specialized content, customized designs, high-quality videos that target different segments of your audience. Your conversion rates will increase which in turn increases leads and ROI.

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