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Those who take many photos and have many images on their computer, sometimes want to edit them, either by inserting stylized text, changing some image characteristics or even making cuts and mounts.

Nowadays, a program is no longer needed to do this. Yes, everything can be done online. And we at Cord Digital have separated a list of the top 10 websites so you can leave your photo in your way.


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Canva is a free graphic design software, easy to use and completely online (no download required). To get an idea, each second are 4 new designs being created.





The site is very used by several people because it works simply. You just select an image or photo to edit and make modifications, the site allows you to place effects, modify the colour and place borders.


Photoshop Online:

It is a simple version of Photoshop created to be light to be used online. For those who want to make professional editions simpler, it is ideal, having several tools like cutting and control of brightness and contrast.





It allows making several modifications online in photos and images in a very intuitive and fast way. It has several options for editing, as possibilities of cropping the image, you can also modify personal aspects like eyeshadows and more.


Edit Photos:

The website very similar to Photoshop Online and has the same effects and features.



It has several pre-ready effects that facilitate and assist the editing, although it has how to make the personalized edition of each one of the images.



Here you have the option to modify simple things like brightness and contrast, but the advantage is that you can use the webcam to take the photo to be edited directly through the website.



Modifies images and resets the format of the desired images.

Redesign the image using only text.

Transform the image into a LEGO mosaic.


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