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With the advancement of technology digital marketing is gaining more and more space and adeptness, but traditional marketing still has strength and importance. People are curious about the information at all times and to create an effective marketing strategy, you need to choose the best way to promote your company's brand.

Traditional marketing:

can be used to promote tangible actions such as advertising printed on newspaper and magazine or TV and radio advertising. Can be defined also for every promotion action that is not digital.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing evolves as technology evolves. In a way, digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing in advertising, but everything happens on digital platforms. For that, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others are used. Digital marketing is a form of inbound marketing and it goes for people to find the company online.

See the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing and digital marketing


An advantage of Traditional Marketing:

1 - Easily reach the local audience

2 - The most majority of consumers are already used to these types of media,

3 - Facilitate the understanding of the message received


A disadvantage of Traditional Marketing:

1 - Little interaction with the public

2 - The cost is expensive


An advantage of Digital Marketing (E-Marketing):

1 - The results of digital marketing are easier and faster to measure: you can see simultaneously what is working and what is not. In that away you can adapt your approach to improve your results

2 - Can reach an unlimited number of people.

3 - The company can reach the audience in different and interactive ways.

4 - The company can access both local and global audience

5 - The public can choose how to receive company content.

6 - The content can become viral

7 - The cost is low

8 - A fair market where small businesses can compete with leading market leaders


A disadvantage of Digital Marketing (E-Marketing):

1 - Can take some time to realize measurable success.

2 - Can't find People are ٍspecializing in this field

Comparing the lists of advantages and disadvantages is tempting to think that digital marketing is far superior to traditional marketing and has already lost its importance and credibility. Make no mistake, traditional marketing is still very used and helps companies to reach their results and even complement digital marketing actions. The strategic marketing of your company is what will say the best to use. You need to do what is most effective for your business, choosing the best channel that fits your marketing strategy and budget.

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