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Facebook announces several updates to the Safety Check feature


The social networking platform Facebook on Wednesday announced new updates on a new service designed to help the owners  to verify the safety  check, making the new update the process of asking for help or obtaining information from the support section is very easy in addition to the request to verify the safety of information is important from Through the social network.


Facebook users who find themselves in a bad situation, such as a fire, flood or another disaster, can activate the safety check feature, and can also request donations and ask help friends them after telling everyone that they are safe, where fundraisers have become part of the safety check feature.


Users can create a fundraising campaign for their favourite friends, nonprofit organizations, or the same user, with the new fundraising feature available only in the United States.

People who have indicated that they can safely publish personal notes to give others more information about the crisis, and though the feature can provide financial assistance to those in need, and Facebook pointed out by Naomi Gillet, deputy head of the network of the Department of Social Welfare, "The fundraising provides A way for people who are outside the crisis zone to provide assistance."

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Verizon officially announced the completion of the acquisition of Yahoo for $ 4.48 billion

US telecommunications firm Verizon said on Tuesday it had completed a $ 4.48 billion acquisition of Yahoo and said Yahoo's chief executive, Marisa Mayer, had resigned.


By the end of the acquisition, Yahoo has ended up as a self-contained company, which at the turn of the millennium was one of the world's leading technology companies, with a financial value of more than $ 100 billion. Verizon, the US wireless operator, which it bought two years ago, to form a new project called Oath, led by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.


It will include more than 50 brands, such as Huff Post, TechCrunch, and the Tumblr blogging platform.


Reuters said last week that Verizon plans to lay off about 2,000 employees, or 15 %, of 14,000 employees in Yahoo and AOL. Verizon is expected to make the playoffs on Wednesday. Yahoo has cut its workforce by 15% last year, while AOL has sacked nearly 500 employees.


Twitter adds new smart buttons to direct business messages

Twitter has added new intelligent buttons for direct messages, so developers can now use up to three buttons in their clients' direct messages, making Twitter's private chat blogs so similar in appearance and functionality to other messaging applications.


Buttons can be used to help people make purchases, connect them to websites, add more call-to-action options, or start a conversation with the brand. The platform makes its messages more useful to brands when it comes to customer service and engagement.


The written chat robots have been developed in private messages since Twitter provided quick responses and welcome messages in November 2016. The chat blog buttons in private messages are generally available to developers using tools such as, Sprout Social and Conversocial.

"Anyone can create an experience in direct messaging, whether it's a business or an enterprise, by using the platform's software or a tool based on our software," a Twitter spokesman said.

The addition of the buttons comes just weeks after Twitter created a new ad unit that allows companies to add chat experiences with similar buttons in Twitter feeds. It also comes after several key announcements regarding the script chat robots of platforms announced in the spring from companies such as Microsoft VICE Facebook, Google, and Apple.


WordPress announces the release of version 4.9 of the content management platform has announced the release of its Content Management System 4.8, which it says adds many new features that "allow you to express yourself and represent your brand."

WordPress which has one of the most popular online content management platforms has named Evans the new version, in honour of the jazz pianist and composer William John "Bill" Evans, WordPress explained that the new version comes to address the problem of links, which appear when a user tries to update a link or text around a link to find that the wrong text is taking the link.

It is also possible to add a picture to the Widget without having to know the code. Any video from the Media Library can be added to the sidebar on the website, and a widget can be added to any audio file.

WordPress did not disclose the date of release 4.9 or 5.0, but it is likely that the work on the next version is currently underway, and will be launched after a few months.


Apple Announces Developers Get More Than $ 70 Billion

Apple announced on Thursday that its global developer community has reached more than $ 70 billion since launching App Store in 2008. The App Store is the place where the most innovative applications are in the market, and downloads have increased over the last 12 months alone. Up to more than 70%.

The company pointed out that customers discover and experience new applications and games on the store every day from Pokémon GO, Super Mario and other games to applications such as THIX's Cancer Aid and SPACE for training with intensive exercises, Vanda, Ace Tennis and Heavenly.

Since the launch of the 10th version of its iOS 10 operating systems last fall, iPhone users and their iPads have tried new, attractive and innovative ways to connect, such as giving a friend a Starbucks gift card with Apple Pay, the company said in a statement.


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