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Internet marketing with image and video ads

In its simplest terms, online display ads are similar to the billboards we see on roads or on main streets, and in addition to images, display ads may contain text or short videos.

Media agencies in Egypt through display ads give you an opportunity to reach your target audience while they spend their time reading news, watching a YouTube video, or browsing various other websites that they want to visit. Thus, this method is distinguished from the methods of Media agency in Egypt that it helps you reach your audience anywhere on the Internet.

Digital advertising networks such as Google Ads enable you to create your own display ads, acting as an intermediary between advertisers and websites that have advertising space to sell.


And if you want to use Internet and video marketing through display ads, here are the steps to create a display ad for your next campaign:

Create an account on your preferred video marketing ad platform.
Choose a good, eye-catching image for your ad, accompanied by text written in a style appropriate for your audience.
Make your advertising message clear and specific, for example inviting viewers to visit your main site or visit the page of the product you are advertising.
Select the target audience to see the ad by age, gender or geographic location.
Monitor ad clicks and visitor conversions, then exclude from your campaign sites that never bring in any traffic, or increase your advertising budget on sites that get you the most traffic.


Internet Marketing and Video Marketing

Every day people around the world watch a billion hours of YouTube content, yes what you read is true “every day”.

E-marketing and video marketing are witnessing a continuous rise in the field of e-marketing, and it has become one of the e-marketing methods that large companies are quick to use to distinguish their e-marketing campaigns from others, so it is useful for you if you are looking for a complement to your e-marketing efforts You should turn to video marketing.

Internet video marketing means using videos of all kinds to double your fame and bring new customers to your company, and video e-marketing is one of the forms ofE-marketing , video marketing with the content that we talked about, so it also represents a long-term investment in e-marketing, and contributes to Getting visits from search engines for a long time to come, as do companies that provide SEO services in Egypt.

And before you start using Internet marketing, video marketing, you must first determine your production limitations according to your budget, for example, will you create the videos yourself or with the participation of top advertising agencies in egypt? Are you going to use advanced photography equipment or use your mobile phone and free editing software?


Now let's move on to the video production steps of your digital marketing campaign:

Depending on your previously defined production limitations, choose the type of video you will create, the options are many, such as a promotional video for a product, an explanation of how to use it, an educational or a live broadcast.
Initially envision the video scenario, what will the beginning, middle and end look like?
If you decide to hire professionals, contract with an advertising company or use a freelance platform such as Fiverr to find freelance designers.
When uploading the video to YouTube, use appropriate keywords related to your product to contribute to the visibility of the video in search engines.
Encourage viewers to comment, visit your site, or share the video, and at the end of the video show a few seconds of teasers from other previous videos.
Use social networking sites and your email newsletter to publish new videos, to achieve more spread.


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