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Doing all backlink checks can take a lot of time and money, however, you can take the help of various backlink checker tools. we will show below the tools to help you analyze and query your ranking and how your backlinks are.

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A simple and quick tip, you can also use is Google Webmaster Tools to check your backlinks.


1) Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is one of the most popular and used to check backlinks that companies use to check the backlinks of their websites.


2) Backlink Watch:

Its functions are simple and direct.


3) Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool:

This tool shows your website's backlinks tops based on the rank of your links and link building.


4) Backlink Checker:

We use this tool. It is another tool that is used by many professionals to check their backlinks.


5) Majestic SEO Tools:

You have to sign up to use your free version. In my opinion, I find one of the best backlink verification tools and a detailed report.


6) OpenLinkProfiler:

OpenLinkProfiler is a + - tool for verifying backlinks. It checks your new backlinks with a very interesting report.


7) Rank Signals:

It is a free but excellent backlink verification tool because it shows Dofollow & Nofollow links, broken or deleted links, incorrect links as well as the best links.


8) Open Site Explorer:

This tool is complete, however, its part is free and paid for and is part of the site.


9) Link Diagnosis:

It is a customizable tool for verifying backlinks. You can generate detailed reports, the list of backlinks on a single page or an entire website and unfortunately this tool has been forgotten by many bloggers and leaves a little to be desired in some information.


10) Indexicon - Free Backlink Checker:

Several bloggers are using and indicating this tool I have not particularly used and do not have much information. If you use or know, please inform me.

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These are, in the opinion of Cord Digital professionals, the best tools to check your backlinks today.


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