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Messages with photos and videos on Instagram

Did you know? Instagram already allows you to send messages with videos and photos. You can send messages with videos from your computer. The function is not yet available for mobile.

It would be a good update for social network owners, but this time   Instagram will allow the publication of images and videos through the computer.

The company added some functionality in computer application, but this time it's just uploaded multimedia content to contacts. should have Windows 10 as an operating system.

If you want to send videos and photos to your contacts just open the Instagram app on your computer and click the camera icon at the top of the screen. The application will open the front camera of your PC and then take a picture, a Boomerang or record a video. Just like on your smartphone and tablet you can also add stickers, text, and drawings. But you still can not upload images and photos from your computer.


Snapchat now has a function to find snaps user

It was announced on Friday by Snap a new function for users to search for photos and videos in the app.

The new feature was released a few days after Facebook added a new feature on the platform. So Snapchat now allows users to search for photos or videos published in the "Our Story" function of their app.

The concept is to encourage the user to share content(photos or videos)through their network. But the publication disappears in a 24-hour.

The search function, launched in some cities, is a complement to the function of "stories", which is already being used in some cities and has covered some events, such as Wimbledon.

So, from there, users can search for more than a thousand photos and videos, Snapchat's team of developers said, making the platform more accessible to everyone.


Microsoft will say the specifications of the Xbox Project Scorpio this week

Microsoft is planning to unveil the specifications of Xbox Project Scorpio later this week. Digital Foundry from Eurogamer has confirmed that it will launch an "exclusive Xbox Scorpio feature" on Thursday at 13:00 p.m. Microsoft invited Digital Foundry to its campus to observe the internal components of Project Scorpio and witness Forza Motorsport 7 running in 4K resolution.

Windows Central informs you that Project Scorpio will include a compact design next to an integrated power supply unit. We are unlikely to see the console design on Thursday or its final nomination. Microsoft seems poised to reveal its specifications ahead of its scheduled E3 press event, where it is expected to focus primarily on games available for the new console.

According to rumours and recent information leaks, Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to run 6 teraflops (TF's), outpacing its competitor PS4 Pro by 4.2TF's.

Other new features will include a new cooling system that will reduce the size and weight of the game system. It will undoubtedly be an exciting Thursday for all gamers.


Snapchat and Microsoft Partnership

The technology giant wants to enter the market for photo and video content applications. Sprinkles uses Microsoft's A.I. technology capabilities to recognize faces, determine the emotive state and age of the user, and suggest captions to later edited images.

The tools gathered in this app have already been used in other Microsoft projects like and How-Old-net. The Microsoft application is targeted at teenage groups and the main attraction is the ability to edit photos with tools like stickers, emojis, and captions.

It's Microsoft's attempt to please younger audiences and compete with the SnapChat social network that provides similar content. The purpose of the app is to enhance the sharing of photos among friends, through social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

It should be remembered that this is not the first attempt by the technology giant to embark on personalized camera applications. The company launched Microsoft Selfie and Microsoft Pix, but both without the expected success.

Google Maps. Now you can play PacMan through the streets of your city

A new Google Maps feature lets users play PacMan on the streets. The game is available on any operating system for mobile phones or computers.

PacMan has hit Google Maps. The Google map service has a new feature that lets users walk the streets of the city with the famous Pacman game character. The game has arrived at the application to celebrate the Day of the Lies and will be available until Tuesday, April 4. Although with some differences, PacMan is available for any operating system, both on mobile phones and on computers.

In the mobile app, just click on the red background button with PacMan drawn in the centre to start the game. The button turns the screen of the phone into a screen similar to the one we found in the nineties on consoles. The streets are filled with white dots and the ghosts begin to wander in them. To move Ms. Pacman simply drags your finger on the screen to the side where we want to send the yellow puppet.

On computers, the rules are similar. The game starts when we click on the "Insert Currency

But this is not a new thing. In 2015, Google celebrated Lies Day with the same game.

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