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Facebook announces two new features for live videos 

The viewers interact a lot with what is happening through the comments. According to Facebook itself, users comment about 10 times more on live videos than normal videos. This ends up generating a situation that may be a bit messy for those watching the broadcast.

To try to lighten the situation a bit, Facebook now allows you to follow alive only in the company of your friends through Live Chat With Friends.

So every time you follow a live stream via Facebook, you'll be able to invite your interested friends and exchange ideas with them only, without the interference of thousands of other users and all the chaos that so many messages end up causing.

Another novelty that is already rolling in the version of Facebook for iOS is Live With, a tool that allows you to stream live video with two users at the same time without being together, that is, you can start streaming and Invite a Friend to join the life. His video will join his side-by-side format or PIP, where a small screen appears in the corner of the broadcast.

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Scientists work on clothes that are ventilated and perfumed from sweat

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been working on a prototype jacketed T-shirt that can automatically ventilate and sent in response to sweat.

According to Wen Wang, who led the study and wrote the paper on the wearable bio-hybrid in the journal Science Advances, the bacterium B. subtitles were used in the middle of two layers of latex. The inner part, closer to the skin, relaxes by absorbing perspiration and bending, opening up a space for airflow.

But it is not possible to wash. Yet…

Wang also said that the process works even if the bacteria are dead, because of the elements of the cells, such as DNA and polysaccharides, fold in response to the mixture. However, in order for the project to be taken to the market, it is necessary to overcome a problem: the laundry can not be washed, otherwise the bacteria can be carried by the water.

The solution would be to create a way of chemically attaching it to a fabric or embedding it in the yarns of the fabric.

And the researcher goes further, saying that she even idealizes a way to use living microorganisms to digest those drops of wine or blood that have soiled her clothes.


New Google tools make it easy to create subscription-based apps

To make life easier for those who create subscription-based or micro-transactional apps, Google has introduced new tools on its Google Play console. The latest version of the software allows you to view new subscribers, recent cancellations and the total number of subscribers, among other details.

In other words, the company started to take on the task of registering important numbers and displaying them in a simplified way for the developers.

From this information, it is possible to identify problems in the adopted model or to learn important lessons for future business decisions.

Another novelty is a feature that allows putting "on hold" the accounts of some users. This makes it possible to restrict access to content for people whose payment has not yet been approved, according to Google, this option increases the number of subscription renewals by 25%, since the inability to access certain information is enough for many users to decide open the wallet.


How to use WhatsBubbles to receive WhatsApp messages in bubbles

WhatsApp users on Android phones can use an application to respond to conversations without having to open the messenger. WhatsBubble is a free app that launches onscreen notifications similar to those of Facebook Messenger, in the form of bubbles and with previews of messages.

In addition, web surfers can tap the bubble to open a quick-response window, preventing WhatsApp from opening on their smartphone.

The following tip is ideal for responding to messages faster or not distracting yourself from other conversations when you need to talk to an important friend, for example:

1)When you start the app, go to the welcome screen and tap "OK" to let WhatsBubbles interact with WhatsApp.

2)Select the option to enable WhatsBubbles notifications on Android. Then confirm the action by clicking "OK".

3)Go back to the application screen and click "OK" to see the settings.

4)In WhatsBubble configurations, you can perform a number of activities: create a test bubble; Set the size of the icon; Disable or enable pre-messages; Choose a color for the theme; Configure the bubble shift; Hide notifications, And group bubbles from multiple conversations.

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