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Content marketing is a way to get closer to your target audience and increase your number of customers and potential customers by creating relevant and valuable content, thereby generating more sales. The idea is to inform people to have them use their products and services for reference.


One of the reasons why Content Marketing is becoming so popular nowadays is the fact that traditional advertising is no longer so efficient. Currently, public access to desired content, especially on the internet. Marketing today is focused on quality and positive brand awareness;

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Take a look at statistics on Content Marketing.


1 - 78% of Marketing Directors think that personalized content is the future of marketing;

2 - 91% of B2B companies and 86% of B2C companies use Content Marketing;

3 - 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.


Working with Content Marketing generally consists of three steps:


1 - Planning:

It is extremely important to understand how this content will be used, its purpose, and what the indicators of success will be.

2 - Execution:

While executing your Content Marketing strategy, the most important thing is to maintain the frequency of content generation and distribution.

3 - Measurement:

These are called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). With the results, you have enough information to improve your project.

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