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How to choose the high keyword search volume

Search Engine Optimization was depending on search words people use to see for a particular page, then backlinks appeared and the optimization was depending on backlinks and their related websites to reach a higher page ranking.

Recently, SEO changes, and it became more quality-related than quality related.

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Long keywords

They’re related to the specific words in a particular field such as web design and e-commerce.

Long keywords have fewer users with better results than short ones.

For instance: “SEO“ is a short keyword that has strong competition in search results while “Branding by using SEO services” is a long keyword that has better search results.

Short keywords

They’re clear words that include main services such as Digital Marketing.

Real estate companies advertise their business on search engines which require highly competitive keywords to rank on the first page of search results, so you have to define some keywords to work on and know your competitors well.

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Cord tips best seo company to use long and short keywords


1- If you enter the market for the first time, It’s better to use long keywords.

2- Use related search tools to help you like Ad-words Keyword Planner.

3- Don’t use English keywords for Arabic content.

4- When using highly competitive keywords, choose only the related ones for your business to avoid a high bounce rate.

5- Bounce rate is the method that Google uses to understand the quality of content and keywords.

6- When choosing long keywords, it takes some work to get specific keywords that guarantee success.

7- Short keywords are not usually effective because they’re highly competitive. So, if your objective is to get visits, use the long ones.

8- Search engines always optimize the whole website not only the first page to see how many keywords are repeated on the Website and check their quality.


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