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 Ahmed Ragaie
Ahmed Ragaie Founder/CEO

Strategic Marketer; academically and practically. Master's degree in marketing from University of Buckingham. high proficiency in Global Business & Management Consulting..working experience in EU consulting company. managing 3 companies in Egypt, USA, and Italy.


 Heba Abdel Latif
Heba Abdel Latif Partner & Co Founder USA

A Former UN Employee, she joined United Nations from 2001 to 2022 , founded Nuba Arts org. A heritage hub supporting micro and small artisans to promote them in the US market. Founded With Ragaie Cord Digital USA.


 Emanuele Occhipinti
Emanuele Occhipinti Partner/Italy

Owner of EU Consulting Company. spent some of my time working in the European Parliament, Board Member on my family business in legal services in the EU. here in Cord Digital, we are trying to facilitate the procedures for Egyptian industrials in Italy. 

 May Salah
May Salah Partner/Art Director

Art is the way to reach beautiful life, The academic experience should be embedded by working experience, which I always try to conduct through my working phases here and in Italy. and Cord Digital is the Art of Digital. 

 Abdelhamed Ibrahim
Abdelhamed Ibrahim Operation Director

Highly driven and results-oriented SEO/SEM with 7 years of career experience in e-business companies. I'm Google Search & Ads Certified and a local guide... I gave Cord Digital all I have in the technical issues and here I gained the managerial skills as they should be.

 Walaa Ragaie
Walaa Ragaie Marketing Director

Marketing Diversity was my thesis topic in my master's degree from the University of Buckingham. so working in many fields,countries and cultures supported my skills.. working in AS Roma Club and many niches and here in Cord Digital we are focusing to be the best. 

 Basem Ibrahim
Basem Ibrahim Business Development

Science Bachelor Degree, 2 Diplomas from AUC in Marketing & Digital Marketing Google Certified, Multinational organizations experience, always focusing on growing business by developing fully integrated marketing strategies and campaigns. and here in Cord Digital, we have no limit.

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