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Cord Digital is the way to Communicate & Globalize.
Communicate (Digital Marketing, Web Solutions, Graphics & Photography, Video & Multimedia, Music Production). 
Globalize  (Outsourcing with providing Private Label services & Franchising).

  CORD Digital is the Way to Communicate & Globalize

Cord Digital Believes in integrated marketing communication, Global+Local= GLocal “Think Globally, act locally”.

We believe that marketing trends have changed from:

  • Outbound Marketing to Inbound Marketing
  • Customer service to customer relationship management
  • Adversarial relationships to collaborative relationships
  • Incremental change to a transformational agile strategy
  • Functional focus to process integration
  • Absolute value of the firm to relative value for customers
  • Forecasting to end-casting (demand management)
  • Training to knowledge-based learning
  • Vertical integration to virtual integration
  • Information hoarding to information sharing and visibility
  • Managerial accounting to value-based management 
  CORD Digital is the Way to Communicate & Globalize

* Business communication activities and Inbound marketing.

* Supporting the Egyptian industrials, through transferring the experience of European industrials.

  CORD Digital is the Way to Communicate & Globalize

* Develop lasting and strategic partnerships with our clients by providing tremendous results, which increase the ROI of our customers. Helping our clients stand out in the market by providing them outstanding marketing and advertising services.

* Make the European market easy to access to the Egyptian industrials, by the private label services that we provide from Europe to Egypt. in addition to bringing the greatest European franchises licenses in Egypt.

Cord Digital