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What is the importance of digital marketing?

For many reasons, if you are not on the Internet you do not exist. With digital tools becoming more and more part of people's lives many consumers use the internet to research products and companies before making a purchase. This makes the Internet have a major influence on consumer behavior and this influence can be decisive for the success of online businesses. Despite the urgency or almost obligation, to be part of the web, companies need to consciously enter this environment, because the Internet can be both a driver of the business and also if used in the wrong way, its worst nightmare.

Unlike traditional marketing, your company's advertising is always a click away from the consumers wherever they go through their mobile, tablet or laptop. Digital marketing should be well done to create an online platform where not only will the company promote its brand as it will also give space for customers to comment on the product or service.

Satisfied customers have positive things to talk about the company and will certainly make positive comments on the network. A user's comment often passes more credibility and trust than an actor paid to advertise the product on TV or radio. A favorable comment can positively impact the promotion of a company, dissatisfied customers cause the opposite effect.

Through social networks, the company can try to engage the client by engaging the interaction between the company and the customer, which helps to create a long-term relationship. But the company should be concerned with offering material of content and useful to not irritate its followers with the information they judge unnecessarily.

The web has a global reach that is available to customers around the world 24 hours a day. In addition to the reach, another very positive point is the closest humanized relationship that this platform makes available. An important tool for promotion and review by the customer to improve products and services.

Nowadays it is very easy to enter the digital world, and if is easy for your company is for others as well. With increasing competition on the web, it becomes increasingly important that companies are prepared to attend this and make its followers the faithful promoters of its brand

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