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Why we concern about e-commerce apps?

Purchasing products through a mobile app is becoming an increasingly common practice and popular ordinary action all over the world. Back in 2014, only 12% of total US e-commerce was done through mobile. By 2020, it is estimated that that group of early adopters will have swollen to 45% of all e-commerce spend.


Indeed, this rapid growth will motivate more and more brands to create their own e-commerce apps. But aside from offering customers and easy way to purchase your products, do brands really aware of what customers actually want and need from these apps.


In the same context, Leading B2B market research firm Clutch has surveyed e-commerce app users to try and determine what features they want from the apps they select to download.   


Why do consumers use e-commerce apps?


The survey started by asking the public "why they felt the need to purchase through apps rather than doing so through mobile sites?".


The top four reasons that consumers gave for using e-commerce apps were:


Deals and offers:

Approximately 68% of respondents reported choosing to use an app in the hope of securing better deals and offers from the brand.



In addition, 65% of them confirmed that the main reasons being the ability to buy tweezers at four in the morning or new socks on the morning commute.



For 62% of poll respondents, it was the ability to more easily compare products and prices on their mobiles that were the main motivator for downloading an app.

For instance, Walmart’s app, which not only allows users to compare prices across different store locations but also from other online retailers.


Time savings:

Furthermore, 55% use their apps to speed up the purchase process at a physical store. The best example here is Starbucks, which has 13 million active loyalty members and 27% of its customers paying for purchases on their mobile app.


What features and advantages do consumers want?


When asked about what features and advantages they would like to see adopted by the apps they use, the main answers were:


Personalized discounts:

While 59% of respondents want their apps to personalize their in-store experience, such as entitling them to discounts or give them the right to read reviews or view different product options.


Discount notifications:

While 63% of consumers currently use their preferred apps to get deals and offers, 84% would opt-in for push notifications about deals and discounts. 85% of the users would like to receive discount notifications based on their past purchases.



Moreover, 80% of consumers almost want their apps to sync up with a brand's loyalty rewards schemes, as most people don’t always carry their cards around with them or remember passwords.



It's worth mentioning that 70% of consumers would like their app to recommend specific products to them based on their past purchases.


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