corddigital We Are Honored To Announce That We Became A Google Partner
We Are Honored To Announce That We Became A Google Partner

We are honored to announce that we have received the Google Partner badge in June 2021, and we are now an official Google Partner.

Advertisers who have satisfied the criteria to become a Google Partner, and have also exceeded higher spending and performance standards, can get the Google Partner badge. Cord Digital was chosen to receive the badge as we have the following qualifications: we have many personnel trained in AdWords, we manage a substancial ad budget every 90 days, and we acheive Google's partner standards consistently.

Why you choose an agency with a Google Partner Badge:

- A Google Partner agency can assist you in creating the most effective campaign as they've worked with Google Ads before.

- The digital world is always changing and evolving, and to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy, you need to stay on top of these changes. Dealing with a Google Partner agency ensures that you are working with a company that is up to date on all of the newest updates. Google expects their partners to keep up with the latest developments.

- If you work with a Google Partner agency, you can rest assured that they use PPC for their own company. They must practice utilizing PPC on a regular basis in order to come up with fresh and unique approaches to boost their clients' PPC campaigns.

- Google Partner agencies get access to a dedicated Google agency team. It might cost your company time and money if your campaign is running and is hit by malware. It would take you days to resolve the problem on your own.

- Google monitors Google Partner companies to ensure that they provide excellent service. Companies must adhere to Google's requirements in order to remain partners. They must consistently deliver outstanding service to their customers, as a result, they will provide you with the best service possible. It's critical that you work with a firm that will deliver great service.


- Google has a number of features that they test before releasing them to the general public. These features are usually the most recent additions to Google's Ads system. You can use those beta features if you work with a Google Partner agency. The beta features can be integrated into your plan through Google Partners. This gives you an advantage over the competition.

- The nicest part of becoming a Google Partner is that you get to work with Google directly. Google's platform is used to manage your PPC adverts. They are one of the most popular search engine platforms used by users.

And there are increasingly more benefits available just to Google partner agencies, so don't hesitate to select the best firm for your project.



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