Why CORD Digital ?

CORD Digital is the way to Communicate & Globalize

Communicate ( Digital Marketing, Multimedia solutions, Web Solutions Graphic Designs & Photography).

Globalize  (Outsourcing with providing private label services & Franchising)......CORD Digital is your gate to the Italian market.

CORD Digital is a group of specialized persons from different backgrounds,who are able to manage your projects from A to Z Regardless of your budget.Our team will work with you from the beginning and throughout your projects. Our team can help you dealing with the world of business, converting to E-Business, and trending to inbound marketing instead of outbound marketing.CORD Digital is your link to the digital business, locally and globally. Our 2d & 3d Designers and Animators are able to display your products and services in a very professional manner,Our web developers will draw your identity through professional websites & mobile apps,In addition to our services of outsourcing & franchsisng,we are keen to support the Egyptian industrials through our strategic communication networks in Italy. 






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What We Offer


Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a technique to advertise products or services you offer through digital channels, the main objective is to enhance and promote your brand through digital platforms.

We as digital marketers believe that E-Marketing depends on understanding behaviours so we can target the right audience in order to achieve higher conversion.

CORD Digital as a digital marketing agency affording these services


Video & Multimedia

CORD Digital provides full multimedia solutions including Video Production, 2D & 3D Animation, Visual Effects, and Info Graphics. Our creative team always seeks innovation to achieve your primary objective; we believe that “understanding your thoughts is the main process to convert your message into a visual form of communication to deliver the right impact”


Website designs & developing

A website is your key to launch a business online, from where your digital marketing strategy starts. The website is your online presence, where you can represent your brand and display your products & services in order to publish it on the digital platforms and achieve higher conversions and ROI.

We believe that every field should have an identity theme, in order to achieve the required interaction with your audience. Your website should be responsive to match your business field and the audience experience. It’s highly recommended to be working on all devices and compatible with search engine optimization rules.


Designs & photography

What Digital Art can achieve! All minds can receive…

This is the art of combining the photographic materials using latest graphical resources & the creative minds to bring ideas to life; in order to create outstanding communication. CORD Digital focuses on tailoring your imagination and thoughts into usable materials in order to transform your message into digital art.


Outsourcing & Franchising

Besides our business services in Digital Marketing, CORD Digital is also working in Outsourcing Franchising; we’re able to bring various franchise licenses to Egyptian companies or individuals. Furthermore, we provide Outsourcing and private labeling options under different manufacturing fields among partnership with ESMO s.r.l in Italy “EU management and Financial-consulting Company”

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