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Communicate & Globalize

CORD Digital

Communicate & Globalize 

1. Analyze and Abstract

When you start any campaign or project you should have a full understanding of the field that you’re working in, which requires situation analysis, good information and analysis of that information. Our strategic marketers get inside the core of your business and your competitors, as well as working on the approach which focus on

  • What your business is seeking to do
  • How to do
  • What are the general findings
  • What are the requirements that help that business grow
  • What the conclusion that will be reached
  • What are the implications of these


Any business, project campaign. Etc... Is like
Problem… Aim… Objective… Framework… Method

When we setting objectives, we aim to make them SMARRTT, which is

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Relevant
  • Targeted
  • Timed

2. Strategize

Strategies and tactics are the means by which the objectives are achieved and it’s not easy to distinguish between them. CORD Digital team will help you to distinguish between strategies and tactics. Our upstream marketers act to be decision makers as considered to be broad and long-term strategic plans and our team act to be detailed and together we represent the marketing communication activities.

3. Create and launch

In marketing communication, content is the king and the design is considered the key element that attract the visitors of the website or social platform to read the content. In CORD Digital, our professional authors who are highly academic educated and our talented graphic designers are dedicating their time to allow you appearing in a unique appearance, expand your brand as well to become a leader in your industry. Digital marketing is dynamic, so we get your unique story into influential places with a right timing. Choosing the right time to launch and publish is considered an essential criteria to success. CORD Digital makes your brand relevant and creditable.


4. Optimize and Convert

In CORD Digital, maximizing search engine traffic and improving lead conversion are our passion... We guarantee optimizing your business search engine and to convert your visitors to promoters, through our professional SEO, CRO, and Social media specialist, Content Creators, collaborating with our upstream marketers.

5. Promote

One of the most important steps in marketing communication is how to translate your objectives, strategies, tactics into actions, which means how to make people aware of your brand and take an action like “purchase or use” plus maintaining them daily and encouraging them to be promoters of your brand.

In CORD Digital, we have varieties of professional techniques to promote your business.


6. Insight

The deep insight that you’ll find in CORD Digital through measuring all aspects of the market, campaigns, your existing clients and potential customers will allow your company to increase the ROI.

7. Control

In CORD Digital, we are carefully monitoring, evaluating, and controlling your campaigns. We believe that adjustment should be made as necessary, throughout the campaigns’ period, not just wait until the end, CORD Digital reviews your KPIs & Metrics and Fine-Tuning your campaign to reach the result you need.


The IMC Profile has 9 DIMENSIONS

  • Promotional Mix Integration
  • Promotional Mix with Marketing Mix integration
  • Creative Integration
  • Intra-Organisational Integration
  • Inter-Organisational Integration
  • Information and Database Systems Integration
  • Target Audience Integration
  • Corporate and Unitised Integration
  • Geographical Integration

8. Intermediate

Another part of CORD Digital Company is Outsourcing & franchising, through the partnership with ESMO.s.r.l in Italy; we’re considered your link and the third party which allows you to bring the greatest Italian franchise licenses and providing the service of private labeling to the Egyptian industrials.

9. Glocalize

CORD Digital believes that when you are dealing at any marketing and advertising campaigns, you have to think globally but act locally to suit the local culture and responsiveness. CORD Digital is your way to achieving that concept.