corddigital We are honored to be a Facebook Partner
We are honored to be a Facebook Partner

We are honored to announce that we are officially a Facebook Partner, it wasn’t an easy step but we did it after pathing a lot of exams, tests and getting through all kinds of campaigns tests, and spending a lot of effort to nail it.

Why do you go to work with a Facebook partner agency?
Because we got from this a lot of privilege to help you as a customer to achieve your business goals 

Some of Facebook Partner Benefits that we have :

1- We have a Facebook support partner co-operate with us to get the best results for you.
2-  We will give you an accurate analytics report.
3- We get an advanced online course for our marketing team to enhance their knowledge to support you.
4- We have the best recommendations for optimization spending that we have got from Facebook.
5- This partnership gives us access to advanced insights into creative best practices.
6- Facebook permit us to use unique measurements tools and reporting resources.

This is one of our achievements and not the last step in our journey .. We intend to succeed in all of the digital marketing fields and we will gonna rock.

We are Cord Digital … your way to communicate & globalize


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