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NewYou Clinics  / Prof. Ayed Al Qahtani. - SEO

NewYou project is one project we are proud of it a lot، as we invested a lot of effort and gained tremendous results, their niche isn't easy at all as the medical and beauty niche in KSA is one of the hardest niches.

NewYou had a bad experience with another company for one year, because of the company worked black hat SEO. we got the website with zero ranks as the results of black hat SEO isn't stable.

We started our work with them through redeeming the problems of the black hat SEO that existed before our working, then create our analysis for their competitors and the most useful keywords that bring high sales not only website visits. 
We have achieved an amazing result, rank, and conversion that let their website occupy the first rank in Google KSA at almost of related keywords.  

Now after a year and more of the continuous success between the two parties .. Cord Digital is proud of NewYou Clinics & Beauty Center that owned by prof. Ayed Al Qahtani.


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